Tips to Make Your Kid’s Pizza Party Birthday a Success!

Every child loves a pizza party! It is a great way to entertain young kids of all ages, from 4 to 14. At Palio’s we love when we get to see families and groups of children come in to celebrate a birthday! The sound of laughter filling the restaurant puts a smile on our faces. Over the years, we’ve picked up on a few tips and tricks that can really make the party a memorable experience and create a more smooth-sailing day for the adults involved in hosting.


Entertainment is Key!

When dealing with young children, it is important to have entertainment to distract them and keep them occupied! Not only does this create a fun time for the kids, it is also a moment for parents to snap photos and create lasting memories.

  • Birthday hat or sign coloring – Have your guests decorate their own birthday hat or all work together on a big happy birthday sign. This is a great way to get the kids busy as soon as they arrive, which helps eliminate the downtime waiting on guests to arrive.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey – It may seem a bit cheesy, but depending on the age group of kids, you would be surprised how much fun this game can be. The kids will be laughing and the parents will too!
  • Craft time – In addition to being a great way to keep their attention, you can save money by using the crafts as part of the party favors! Try getting a blank canvas tote bag and have the kids decorate it with markers and stickers.


Sweets are Important!

The birthday cake or whatever type of sweets you decide on are the fuel of a kid’s birthday party! This is the one time it is okay to let them have that sugar rush. Something we have noticed, the look of the cake isn’t as important as you may think. Don’t worry about the super elaborate decorated cakes, opt for one that serves everyone and tastes great!

  • Decorate mini-cakes – a fun idea and way to entertain the kids is to prepare small cupcakes with icing only, and then have a decoration bar available with sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, etc. The kids will love getting to customize their own cupcake!


Memories are Forever!

Often times we see parents get too wrapped up in details to remember to take in the party and try to remember it.

  • Have a friend be a dedicated photographer – they can use their cell phone for images, but they are making a conscious effort to capture everyone in attendance.
  • Dedicate a small area as a “photo booth” – have accessories for the kids to put on for fun images.


Having Fun is What it is About!

Just remember, do not get bogged down by the details! This day is about making memories and enjoying your child having fun. As long as everyone is laughing and smiling, the pizza party will be a success! Palio’s is always here to help make your day special. Give us a call to book the space today and feel free to ask us how we can help! We love helping to celebrate birthdays and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Fresh Ingredients Make all the Difference!

At Palio’s Pizza Cafe, our food is made from scratch every day and we use only the freshest ingredients to deliver exceptional food to your table. It is this dedication to the quality of food that has made the Palio’s brand a staple throughout Texas.


Our signature tangy tomato sauce is made from the finest quality tomatoes and our own blend of fresh herbs and spices. There is nothing canned about our sauce that serves as the foundation for most of our amazing dishes.


The cheeses we use are all top of the line and hand selected to complement the food we serve. Our mozzarella is worthy of special mention as it is 100% authentic. When you are talking Italian food, the cheese can make or break a dish. Our mozzarella will definitely leave you wanting more!


On top of the building blocks of the Italian experience – the sauce and cheese – we only allow the freshest vegetables and highest quality meats to be included on our plates. From the olives to the chicken, any topping you see on your pizza is completely fresh and carefully selected for our customers.


No matter what dish you are ordering, a pasta or a signature pizza, you will taste the freshness! To experience recipes true to the Italian countryside, it is important to use only quality ingredients, and at Palio’s we make it our priority to deliver!

Palio’s Provides Catering

Are you looking for someone to cater your next event? Well, Palio’s Pizza Cafe is the perfect option.


Pizza, Pasta, Salads, and Desserts!


The extraordinary flavors of Palio’s pizzas and pasta are now available for catering your next event! Whether you are hosting a work luncheon or a rehearsal dinner, our homemade sauces, fresh doughs, veggies, and meats make the perfect meal for any get-together.


A few of the types of events we cater for:

Birthday Parties

Business Meetings

Family Reunions

Holiday Parties

Rehearsal Dinners

Theme Parties

Wedding Receptions

You can select from our full menu and we will provide the exact food you want. Everyone loves our pizza, but if you are wanting pasta or salads, we have those too! And they are highly recommended by all who have tried them!


If you need catering done for an event in Dallas/Fort Worth, put your trust in a brand with several locations throughout the metroplex.


Click Here to contact us and we will be in touch to work out the details of your event!  

Eat Gluten Free at Palio’s Pizza!

Despite being a buzzword for the last couple of years, people still have questions about gluten free. A few of the ones we often get asked:


Does Palio’s have gluten free crust available?

Yes, we do! Most of our menu can be made as a gluten free option. You can choose your favorite pizza and have it made with a gluten free crust anytime.

Who eats gluten free foods?

People who suffer from celiac disease have to be on a gluten free diet and those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity can really benefit from eating less gluten.

Is it easy to find gluten free options?

It can be challenging. We didn’t want these people to miss out on the great tastes of our signature pizzas, so we came up with a gluten-free crust.

Does gluten free food lack flavor?

It doesn’t have to. The difference between our regular crust and gluten free is very slight. You will still enjoy the amazing taste of a Palio’s Signature Pizza!


Palio’s Pizza Cafe is very proud to be able to provide this dietary option to our customers. It is important to us that everyone who walks through our doors be able to feel included and enjoy our wonderful foods with their friends and family.


Our gluten free crust can be consumed by our celiac customers. We do take every precaution to avoid cross contamination, but please be advised that Palio’s Pizza will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed.

5 Things to do with the Family this Labor Day Weekend!

Palio’s Pizza Cafe wants to wish all of our loyal customers a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! We’ve compiled a list of fun activities to help give you some creative ways to spend time with the whole family as the summer comes to an end.


Go to the park – Take a picnic with you and visit your local park. Let your kids play around while you read a book in the sun. Pack interesting foods that are favorites of your kids and let them really celebrate! 

Hang by the lake – As summer turns to fall, the days of playing out on the water are coming to an end for the year. Get one last big hurrah in with your family enjoying one of the many lakes in the metroplex. Grab one of our 

Visit a museum – Perhaps you aren’t a fan of being outside, well there are options for you too. Most of the museums in Dallas and Fort Worth have specials going over the weekend to encourage parents and kids to visit.

Game night on the patio – Perhaps you can’t spend all day together, well, you still have the evening. Order a Palio’s pizza and set up a game night for your family and friends. Play outside on the patio to really enjoy the last of summer.

Take in a movie – Another option for those who prefer the indoors, go watch a family-friendly movie with the kids. Afterwards, talk to them about the film, asking questions to get them to really explore what they saw and expand their imagination.

Remember: A Palio’s pizza pairs perfectly with all of these fun, family activities.


No matter what you choose to do this Labor Day weekend in the metroplex, just remember to have fun! The memories you make today will stay with you forever. Get your family and friends together and enjoy the company, be present in the event, and try to stay off your phone! Once you use it to order your Palio’s pizza to feed everyone, there is no need to pick it back up! Now, go celebrate!