Fort Worth Party Catering

Palio’s Pizza Cafe caters hot, delicious pizza and Italian food such as chicken parmesan and baked ziti straight to your doorstep! Whether you’re planning a holiday work party or a fun Friday, let us handle your Fort Worth party catering needs. We ensure that everything gets delivered hot, fresh and on time. You won’t be disappointed with our food or our prices.

When it comes to corporate events, it’s important that you handle the food preparation with care. Not only are you feeding a large group of people but also making a lasting impression on your guests. Even if you are feeding people within your company, you still want to show that you value their hard work and effort!


Hassle-Free Meal Prep

Fort Worth corporate catering allows for hassle-free meal preparation. You don’t have to worry about taking orders, shopping for ingredients, preparing food and serving it. We won’t even mention the cleanup! Standing over a hot grill or buffet table is no way to spend your time! When you hire a Fort Worth party catering company, all the details are handled for you in a clean, professional and organized manner.


Time and Cost Savings

As a family owned business, we know that most of our customers have a budget to stick to. We will help you do that! Our party catering in Fort Worth TX is reasonably priced, and we know a few tricks to help you stay at $10/person or less. Pizza is a great choice, as it’s affordable and feeds a lot of people. Plus, our Fort Worth corporate catering has gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Yum! The time you save alone allows you to focus on other areas of your business – and your event.

Get a free quote on our Fort Worth party catering and see for yourself how great it is to cater with Palio’s Pizza Cafe!