Mansfield Party Catering

Palio’s Pizza Cafe is excited to cater your next event! Our Mansfield party catering services include pizza, pasta, salads and desserts. Everything is made from the freshest ingredients and delivered to your event on time when you expect it. With an important event to run, you can’t risk not having hot, delicious food for your guests. Palio’s will make sure that your special occasion is a success!


Why Choose Palio’s Pizza for Mansfield Corporate Catering

We can think of so many reasons why choosing us for your next event is a great choice! Because we don’t have all day, we’ll share a few reasons below.

  • Excellent service. Our restaurants are family owned and independently operated. We care about our image and ensure that everything with the Palio’s name on it is of the highest quality.
  • Freshest ingredients. Every ingredient is of the finest quality. We hand roll the dough for our pizzas and simmer our zesty tomato sauce with our signature blend of herbs and spices. Everything is made from scratch each day – no immitations for our Mansfield party catering!
  • Flexible packages. What you see on our standard menu, you can order for party catering in Mansfield TX. Just tell us how many people you need to serve and we’ll get it done. We also have gallon tea, gallon lemonade, bread, salad and appetizers that can be added.
  • Endless options. It can be difficult to cater corporate events because everyone has different taste buds and dietary needs. With Palio’s, our pizza Mansfield corporate catering is sure to please. We have vegan, vegetarian, meat-lover and gluten-free options.

Palio’s Pizza looks forward to serving your next event. We have something for everyone to love, and you can expect your food to be delivered hot, fresh and on time. Call us today to learn more about pricing for our Mansfield party catering services.