Sherman Italian Food Catering

Choosing the menu for a large group of people isn’t easy! Lucky for you, Palio’s Pizza Cafe offers delicious, authentic Sherman Italian food catering for events of all sizes. Our prices are reasonable, our food is excellent and our service is unparalleled. Call us today for details on our pricing and packages!


Pizza and Pasta Catering Packages

If you’re working on a strict budget, we highly recommend Sherman pizza catering. Pizza is always the cheapest catering option because it goes far. Plus, you can please everyone, from your vegetarians to your meat lovers. We even have a gluten-free crust that is out of this world! If you’re looking for something affordable, easy to serve and loved by everyone, pizza is the best option!

If you’re having a more formal event, or you want other choices than pizza, you will love our Sherman Italian food catering packages. From our buttery baked mac and cheese to our hot, crusty chicken parmesan, our pans of pasta taste just like homemade Italian dishes. We can serve them up with bread, salad and tea or lemonade for a full meal.


Why Cater from Palio’s Pizza

Palio’s Pizza Cafe is one of the fastest growing restaurant brands in North Texas. Here are some of the reasons why people love our Italian food catering in Sherman TX.

  • Made fresh daily. From our freshly rolled dough to our tangy tomato sauce, all of our menu items are made from scratch each day.
  • Highest quality ingredients. Whether it’s our meats, cheeses or herbs/spices, all ingredients are freshly sourced and of the highest quality. You can taste it in every bite!
  • Great customer service. Palio’s Pizza Cafe is family owned and locally operated. We have exceptional service and free delivery on some Sherman pizza catering orders.

Are you ready to order Sherman Italian food catering packages from Palio’s? Do you have additional questions? Call us today for a free quote for your event!