Family, Friends & Holiday Cheer!

At Palio’s, we love seeing families and groups of friends come in to dine and enjoy each other’s company, and the holidays are no different! Whether you need a break from cooking or want a great place to eat when you head out to look at Christmas lights, we would love for you to stop in!


Unsure of what to order for the table? Some of our regular guests suggest starting with our Cheese Bread, then ordering the Molly’s pizza, and finishing up with the Sweetza dessert pizza!


Cheese Bread

When it comes to our appetizers, everyone is raving about our Cheese Bread! This fresh baked bread topped with a hand-made garlic rub, italian herbs and mozzarella cheese really hits the spot! Don’t fill up on the cheese bread, though!

Molly’s Pizza

All-natural red sauce, roasted chicken, baby spinach, roma tomatoes, oregano, sesame seeds, and virgin olive oil make the Molly’s gourmet pizza a favorite among all of our Palio’s regulars. You will be glad you ordered the Molly’s pizza as your entree!


Topped with nuts, powder sugar, and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, the Sweetza is a must-have treat when you comes to Palio’s! Some people may prefer to skip dessert, but trust us, you want to try this sweet morsel!