Fresh Ingredients Make all the Difference!

At Palio’s Pizza Cafe, our food is made from scratch every day and we use only the freshest ingredients to deliver exceptional food to your table. It is this dedication to the quality of food that has made the Palio’s brand a staple throughout Texas.


Our signature tangy tomato sauce is made from the finest quality tomatoes and our own blend of fresh herbs and spices. There is nothing canned about our sauce that serves as the foundation for most of our amazing dishes.


The cheeses we use are all top of the line and hand selected to complement the food we serve. Our mozzarella is worthy of special mention as it is 100% authentic. When you are talking Italian food, the cheese can make or break a dish. Our mozzarella will definitely leave you wanting more!


On top of the building blocks of the Italian experience – the sauce and cheese – we only allow the freshest vegetables and highest quality meats to be included on our plates. From the olives to the chicken, any topping you see on your pizza is completely fresh and carefully selected for our customers.


No matter what dish you are ordering, a pasta or a signature pizza, you will taste the freshness! To experience recipes true to the Italian countryside, it is important to use only quality ingredients, and at Palio’s we make it our priority to deliver!