Palio’s Tips for Easing the Pain of Partying Too Hard on NYE!

Everyone loves to celebrate on NYE but few enjoy the pain that comes with a New Year’s Day hangover! We understand this dilemma, which is why we have put together a few tips for curing or at least easing the pain of your hangover!

If you just remember the 3 P’s, you can help make your day much more tolerable!



That’s right, food is key! We know you may not feel like eating much, but getting something heavy in your stomach is an important step to making you feel better. We recommend our Meat & Cheese Deluxe! Eat a bit, get some more rest, and then finish it off. Once you have some food in you, you will be more up for tackling the day!

Pickle Juice

So it sounds a little weird, we know! But pickle juice has a lot of electrolytes in it which will help you recover from the dehydration that is causing your pain and cramps from the hangover. TV’s Dr. Oz swears by this remedy. He recommends drinking a ¼ cup of pickle juice first thing in the morning when you wake up after a night of drinking too much.


If drinking pickle juice turns your stomach, another great way to replenish those electrolytes is found in the kid’s aisle at your local drug store, Pedialyte. Pedialyte is like a supercharged version of Gatorade without all the sugars. In our experience, a glass of this in the morning really helps to stop the headache and the soreness you feel in your body.


While there are a ton of tips and tricks to follow to help ease your hangover, we have found that these 3 offer us the most support. Of course, rest is also needed, which is why Palio’s delivery is perfect! You can have your pizza or pasta delivered and never leave the comfort of your home!

We hope all of our customers have amazing New Year’s Eve celebrations and that 2018 brings you nothing but happiness! Remember, if you are planning to celebrate the ball drop, please do so responsibly. If you are drinking, do not drive! Take advantage of one of the many ride-share services!