Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year people across the globe make resolutions to workout, eat healthy and stick to a strict diet. Sadly, every year people across the globe fall short of meeting their goals.


We are dedicated to our customers because without you Palio’s wouldn’t be growing like we are today! So, in an attempt to give back a little, we have come up with a few suggestions that may help you stick to your resolutions for healthier living!


Let’s start with the workout.

No matter if you are just wanting to get back into the swing of things or if you’ve never been and are looking to start, pre-scheduling your gym time for the first 2 to 3 weeks will help! If you will pick the days and times you know you can make it to the gym and put them in your calendar for at least 2 weeks and then force yourself to commit to going, by the end of those initial 2 weeks, you will be WANTING to go to the gym! It is all about building that routine.

Do not try to push yourself too hard when you first start out. Maybe just dedicate 30 minutes to the gym. Split that time between cardio and light weights or machines. Don’t feel like you have to compete with the gym regulars who have muscle on top of muscle. Just remember, everyone in the room with you had to start somewhere. We have all been beginners!


Now for the dieting!

Eating healthy is great and fairly easy to do, so DON’T PANIC! It is when people try to implement extremely strict diets that are a complete departure from their normal eating habits that they end up giving up. Start by implementing more vegetables into your diet, limiting the sweets you eat, and cutting back on eating large portions in any one sitting.

Try implementing healthy snacks of small portions into your routine between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then when eating meals, try not to eat as much in any one of those times. It is all about balance; don’t deny yourself something you are craving, just don’t over-indulge in it. Cheat meals are completely okay. Just remember, you can have the unhealthy food, just try to be mindful of portion control! Never let yourself feel defeated for having a treat, though! Stick with it.


Palio’s has some great food options too that are perfect to fuel a workout and help you stick to your dieting goals. With amazing salads available, you can eat healthy and still have a flavorful meal. You can order one of our signature pizzas and treat yourself once a week and still not feel guilty about over-indulging!


We wish you nothing but continued success in 2018! Stop in and see your favorite staff at Palio’s, tag us in your progress pics on social, and remember we are cheering for you!