Tips and Tricks for Safe Trick-or-Treating!

At Palio’s, family is important to us! That is why we have compiled a list of tips to help keep your little ghosts, goblins, pirates, and princesses safe this Halloween!

Halloween is a fun and festive time a year for children and adults of all ages. Because of the wide range of ages who celebrate and the varying ways they show their enthusiasm for all things spooky, safety is a big concern. You want to take every precaution you can to ensure you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween.

-Go During Safe Hours!
It is okay to go a little before dark! When you go Trick or Treating at dusk, there will still be plenty of light to help you see your kids and the other trick or treaters!

-Be Seen!
Make sure your child’s costume is brightly colored and/or has reflective tape used on it. Another great tip is to use some sort of glow-in-the-dark paint on their candy bag.

-Go in Groups!
Let your kids go with a small group of children. As the old adage goes, there is safety in numbers. Make a fun night of it with friends!

-Provide Adult Supervision!
We know that your kid – depending on age – may complain about this, but make sure your kids and their friends have adult supervision.

-Bring Flashlights!
It is important to bring flashlights to help light the paths and inspect the candy. If you have one for each child, it is preferred, but at least make sure any chaperone has one.

-Stick to Known Neighborhoods!
It is best to stick to houses and neighborhoods you know. If you have to venture to unknown areas, look for neighborhoods where families live.

We hope these tips help prepare you and your little ones for a wonderful Halloween! Before you head out trick-or-treating, bring the kids in for a delicious dinner and Palio’s!