Wine and Beer Go Perfectly with Your Favorite Pizza!

At Palio’s Pizza, we are proud to serve up delicious gourmet pizzas and mouth-watering pasta dishes! Many people think a glass of wine or a cold beer pair perfectly with our entrees, and we couldn’t agree more!


A crisp white wine goes great with our Hawaiian Sunrise Pizza, while a full-bodied red is perfect for our Quattro Formagio pizza. And let’s not forget that beer and wings are practically made for each other! With a menu full of wonderful dishes, there is something for everyone.


While every Palio’s shares the same wonderful recipes for our food, each location is privately owned and operated. Because of this, some of our locations are BYOB and others provide wine and beer on tap! You can see whether your go-to Palio’s has beer and wine options by visiting our Location Page!


Whether you are bringing your own or enjoying wine and beer served at Palio’s, you are sure to have a great time with friends! So grab your besties, come to Palio’s, put your phones down, order a delicious pizza and cheers to friendship!


*Must be 21 or older to consume beer or wine.